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In February, it was awarded the "2013 Annual Investment Merit Award" by the CPC Yao Village Committee.

On February 26, Xie Fuzhan, Deputy Secretary and governor of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Li Wenhui, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Guo Hongchang, Secretary general of the Provincial government, Sun Tingxi, director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other leaders visited the company.

On March 6, Zhang Weining, vice governor of Henan Province, visited the company for guidance.

On March 11, the company participated in the 50th JEC Paris Composite Material Exhibition.

On March 11, the trade union committee of Linzhou Guangyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

On March 22, Anyang City in the first quarter of 2014 major projects concentrated groundbreaking ceremony and Guangyuan 40 million meters of electronic cloth project groundbreaking ceremony was held in the company, Anyang Municipal Committee Standing Committee, executive Vice Mayor Wang Xinwei, Linzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zheng Zhonghua, Mayor Wang Jun, director of the Municipal People's Congress Zhai Jianzhou, Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Hu Mingshan and other leaders attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of April, the company signed a product sales contract with the French FRP company, and the products began to enter the European market.

On April 8, Xie Fuzhan, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, led the "second group of Henan Province Key Projects and industrial agglomeration observation and Comment Activities" to visit the company.

On April 29, the company won the "May Day Labor Award" of Linzhou City.

In mid-May, the company signed a product sales contract with Thailand AK Company, and the company's products successfully entered the Southeast Asian market.

In late May, the company signed a product sales contract with South Korea HANKUK Company, and the company's products entered the Korean market.

On June 12, the original silk operation rate reached 96%, and the total daily production reached 104 tons, marking the company's annual output of 36,000 tons of electronic glass fiber project.

On June 15, the company signed a three-system certification commission contract with Fangyuan Mark Certification Group, and began to promote the company's three-system certification work.

On June 26, the Party branch of Linzhou Guangyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and Chairman Li Zhiwei was elected as the party branch secretary.

On July 12, the company organized a summary meeting of the work of the first half of the year, summarized and reviewed the achievements and shortcomings of the work of the first half of the year, and put forward specific requirements for the work tasks of the second half of the year, such as "structural adjustment, cost reduction, and strong assessment".

On August 8, the company successfully produced 5 micron ultra-fine electronic yarn.

On August 12, Han Kwang-xie, Consul General of South Korea in Wuhan, visited the company.

On August 12, Mr.pfuhl, general manager of PD Glass Fiber Group in Germany, visited the company.

On August 19, the company's oxygen station successfully passed the field verification of the expert review group of the provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, and obtained the "Safety production License" on September 5.

From August 19 to 22, the company hired Mr. Zhao Dingyi from Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Henan Co., Ltd. to conduct a three-system certification knowledge training lecture.

On August 30, the ceiling and equipment foundation of the company's electronic fabric workshop were completed.

On September 2, Chen Festive, Vice minister of the Central United Front Work Department, visited the company for research.

On September 2, Xinxiang Mayor Shu Qing led a government delegation to visit the company.

From September 3 to 5, the company participated in the "20th China International Composite Material Industry Technology Exhibition" held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center.

On September 10, Liu Mancang, member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, visited the company for inspection.

On September 12, Li Zhen and Zhao Chunwu, vice chairman of Henan Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited the company.

On September 21, Zhang Fuxiang, Vice president and Secretary general of China Glass Fiber Association, went to the company to guide the work.

On September 22, the first batch of Japanese Toyota weaving machines entered the factory.

On September 24, the director of the industrial agglomeration district Management Committee of all cities in the province visited the company.

In September, the company successfully increased the speed of the G75 French twister.

On October 18, the company held the first autumn staff sports meeting.

On October 22, Zhai Jianzhou, director of the Linzhou Municipal People's Congress, visited the company to investigate the progress of the electronic cloth project.

On October 23, Zhu Ming, director of Anyang Municipal People's Congress, visited the company to investigate the cultivation of emerging industries.

On October 25, it signed a product marketing agreement with KGF and STARMAP.

On October 26, Miao Liansheng, chairman of Yingli Group, visited the company.

On October 31, the mayor of South Korea's Kyungsan City, Cui Yongjo, visited the company.

On November 2, President Xu Zongwei of Hefei University of Technology visited the company.

On November 5, the company's new staff restaurant was put into use.

On November 5, the purchasing director of JamesDewhurst Company in Britain and the general manager of Frpeuropeservice company in France visited the company for cooperation.

On November 8, Vietnam Bureau level delegation visited the company.

On November 10, Huang Xiaoyong, President of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visited the company.

On December 3, Wang Sumei, executive vice president of Anyang Municipal Party School, visited the company.

On December 4th, the company signed a long-term supply contract with Shanghai Honghe, marking the company's products into the high-end market.

On December 10, Song Zhongfei, director of the Standing Committee of the Xinyang Municipal People's Congress, led the Xinyang delegation of the 12th Provincial People's Congress to inspect the company.

On December 15, Anyang City fire brigade went to the company to inspect and guide the fire safety production work and explain the professional knowledge of fire.

On December 20, the company held the completion and commissioning ceremony of the electronic grade glass fiber 40 million meters electronic cloth project. Wang Jun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Linzhou, delivered a speech and announced that the project was put into operation.


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