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Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

Time flies like an arrow. With the bell of the New Year, we have ushered in the year 2022, which is full of expectations and vigor. We extend New Year greetings and sincere wishes to every Guangyuan person who has stuck to his/her own post and worked hard in the past year, and to all shareholders, cooperative customers and friends from all walks of life who support the development and progress of Guangyuan!

2021 is a milestone year in the history of the Party and the country, the centenary of the founding of the Party, the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan, great events and happy events. This year is a key year for the company's business performance growth, internal control management enhancement, cultural concept enhancement, and realization of high-quality development. Under the strong leadership of the company's board of directors, closely focusing on the annual target, all work has made breakthroughs. In the face of the epidemic and rain disaster, the whole government has united as one, done a solid job in prevention and control, and ensured the continuous and stable operation of production and business. Adhere to the differentiated marketing strategy, overcome the supply pressure of the global supply chain, and continue to make new breakthroughs in the market development of high-end customers; We increased investment in research and development, launched job skills competitions, and made smooth progress in scientific research and technological transformation. The four annual new investment projects were put into operation on schedule, and the scale of production capacity and product grade were further improved. Solid promotion of listing counseling work, the national new Material industry fund to help the development of corporate governance more standardized. During the celebration of the centenary of the Party, all Party members and cadres strengthened their confidence and determination to stay true to their original aspiration and forge ahead. On the eighth anniversary of the factory, more than 5,000 family members and relatives gathered together to witness and share the fruitful results achieved by Guangyuan.

Looking forward to 2022, we insist on letting the world see the brand mission of China Guangyuan, firmly adhere to the development concept of synchronizing with the world, work hard, forge ahead, and strive to achieve the requirements of the established tasks. Strictly implement the annual target plan and achieve the expected business performance; Improve innovation capabilities, and start research and development work such as 5G low dielectric generation 2; Make a good plan for the "14th Five-Year Plan" strategic upgrading project and get ready to start; Continue to strengthen internal control management to create conditions for listing work; Practice the enterprise mission, gather the strength of all staff, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and build a better home.

The grand counsel sounds the tiger, and the morale is vigorous. In the New Year, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will abide by the cultural values of focus, innovation, integrity and practice, carry forward the spirit of "passion to achieve dreams, hard work to create the future", adhere to green development, start from me, and strive to become the world's leading electronic Material manufacturer and service provider!

Wish Guang Yuan again! Happy New Year to you all!


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