Scenic spot introduction

Guangyuan New Material Electronic Material Industrial Park scenic spot is based on Henan Guangyuan New Material Co., LTD., the construction of scientific education, industrial scenic spot, intelligent park as one of the industrial enterprise system display module, multi-level and all-round display of high-tech industry charm. In the form of research and development and production of new Material, the scenic spot promotes the high-quality development of enterprises, the upgrading and transformation of local industries, and takes into account the greening and ecological construction. It is a specialized industrial science and technology park, which plays an important role in the development of local pillar industries.

In landscape design, combined with the architectural planning of industrial enterprises, make full use of water system and green plant elements, focus on creating the core landscape area while highlighting the main axis of the landscape, and give full consideration to the homogeneity of the landscape in the design, creating a landscape artistic conception with different scenery and scenery everywhere. Trees, grassy slopes, water features, paths, together to create the ecological environment of the scenic spot; Characteristic pieces, sculptures and so on make the whole scenic spot filled with modern characteristics of the green effect.

The scenic spot is equipped with a perfect management system, excellent service execution team, complete basic facilities, complete security system, emergency rescue and emergency plans, the implementation of fire safety drills, emergency evacuation drills, to ensure the safety of tourists to make full preparations.

Standing in the new perspective of the deep integration of industry, culture and tourism, the scenic spot plays the role of popular science education base and actively develops social practice activities of popular science education, which is committed to becoming another masterpiece to meet the people's industrial development and cultural needs.


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