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Visitor guide

1. The opening hours of the scenic spot are from Monday to Saturday, visiting time: 9:00-17:00 (stop invoice at 16:00). (The opening hours are determined two weeks in advance on national holidays).

Second, open the implementation of telephone (website) reservation, scenic spot ticket.

1, non-group tourists with their ID cards or valid documents to visit, one person can only get one ticket, valid on the day, expired.

2, the reservation must be made 24 hours in advance, the reservation is made by telephone (telephone: 0372-6506333 time: 9:00-17:00), the team booking after confirmation of the unit's letter of introduction or travel agency assignment letter to get tickets.

3, the elderly aged 70, disabled, children under 12 years old must be accompanied by family members or guardians at the special window to collect tickets; Active duty military voucher can get priority ticket.

4. Those who are not fully dressed and behave inelegantly refuse to enter the scenic spot, and those who carry dangerous controlled items are prohibited from entering the scenic spot.

Third, the implementation of free deposit system for scenic spot visits, the storage period is the opening time of the scenic spot, the scenic spot is not responsible for the storage service during the closing time, please properly keep your valuables.

Fourth, the visiting vehicles in the designated place in the parking lot in an orderly manner, do not park in the prohibited area.

5. Visitors should take good care of exhibits, exhibition facilities and other public service facilities, flowers and trees, green space, etc. If there is damage, compensation according to the price or bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Vi. Service items of scenic spots shall be implemented in accordance with the charging standards stipulated by the price department. The fee items mainly include: temporary exhibition held through market operation, event planning and execution, exhibition and explanation, big health products, souvenir and book sales, catering and other services, visitors can choose consumption according to their own needs.

7. The specific matters of these administrative measures shall be explained by the Tourist Center of Linzhou Guangyuan Industrial Tourist Area.

Consulting service tel: +86-372-6506333



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