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Invitation to tender for copper wire bar in the original wire workshop



Our company plans to conduct video bidding and procurement of our common raw wire workshop copper wire wiper at 10:00 am on August 9, 2022 in the conference room on the second floor of the company. The specific bidding matters are notified as follows:

1. Qualification of bidding enterprise:

Enterprises participating in the bidding must be enterprise legal persons with independent capacity for civil conduct and shall submit the following qualification documents:

1.1. Copy of the business license of the bidding enterprise; The power of attorney of the legal representative and the identity card of the client, the performance certificate of similar products of the bidding enterprise in the past three years;

1.2 Production license issued by the national industry authority (or agent license issued by the manufacturer);

1.3. Quality assurance system certificate and other relevant qualification certificate of the bidding enterprise;

The above documents need to be stamped with the company's official seal, and the scanned copy will be sent to our company before bidding.

Second, the technical requirements:

2.1, the shape, Angle and use of the wire device should be consistent with the standard;

2.2 The material should have a certain hardness and toughness;

2.3 No scoring on the surface, and the surface should be bright;

2.4 The diameter of the copper rod is 5±0.2mm, and there can be no large deviation

Iii. Bidding requirements:

3.1. The quotation includes 13% VAT, freight and technical guidance.

3.2. Once there is no objection to technical exchange.

3.3, the settlement method is the arrival of the goods, the invoice to the monthly settlement, generally within six months of the bank electronic acceptance payment.

3.4, the purchase quantity is 5*110*140 pay 2000 per month, 5*95*100 pay 800 per month, 5*75*80 pay 2000 per month.

Iv. Others:

4.1. The invitation letter will be sent by email or wechat. Please download the invitation letter in advance after receiving the email and arrange relevant personnel to attend. Please download the Tencent Conference APP in advance.

4.2 The bidding time is 10:00 am on August 9, 2022.

Location: Henan Guangyuan New Material Co., LTD. Conference room on the second floor;

Telephone number (fax) : +86-372-6283692

Business Contact: Guo Jiangyong +86-18530628317

Guo Yixin +86-13783853722

Technical support: Wang Jingjun +86-16627393365

Wang Zhenwei +86-15093987530

Henan Guangyuan new material Co., LTD

Purchasing department

August 6, 2022

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