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Guangyuan new material model labor action to help Guilin town seven springs village



On March 23, Guangyuan New Material model workers advanced into Qiquan Village, Guilin Town, actively participated in the improvement of rural living environment, and promoted the revitalization of rural model workers. Henan Province model worker, company Party secretary, chairman Li Zhiwei, full-time deputy Party secretary Liu Youzhi and other activities.

In the Party group activity center of seven Springs village, Tian Yuanfei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of Guilin Town, thanked Guangyuan New Material for its concern and support for seven Springs Village. He stressed that the direction determines the future and the situation determines the task. The village is required to: First, improve standing and strengthen organizational leadership. Adhere to the guidance of party building, harden political resolve, enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency, give play to the role of grass-roots Party organizations in promoting development, serving the people, and rallying the people, with the spirit of "one person is one of ten" and the courage to "jump up and pick peaches", and work hard and be pragmatic. Second, we need to build consensus and lay a solid foundation for development. Focus on the pain points, difficulties and hot spots of human settlement environment remediation, with the support of Guangyuan new material labor model, macro to achieve the "four up" of human settlement environment, micro to enhance the "hematopoiesis function" of the industry, with existing resources as the fulcrum, to drive the development of seven springs. Third, we need to improve mechanisms and increase interaction and exchanges. Taking this docking as an opportunity, focusing on the objectives and tasks of comprehensive rural governance, we will establish a long-term dialogue and exchange mechanism, regularly report the development of villages, actively contact and docking enterprises, learn the advanced wisdom and management experience of model workers, and further reverse the backward status quo of seven Springs.

Chairman Li Zhiwei had a detailed understanding of the basic situation and development planning of Qiquan Village, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development of Qiquan Village. In the exchange speech, it was said that Seven Springs should seize the opportunities for rural revitalization and development, expand the advantages of industrial development, tap resource endowments, actively strive for policy support, cultivate and introduce enterprises, revitalize and utilize existing factories, and absorb local labor force. Only when the industry is prosperous, can the village be strong and the people rich have a solid material foundation, and the masses will get a real sense of gain, happiness and security. At the same time, it is necessary to actively coordinate, win the support of superiors, and jointly solve the related human settlement environment problems.

In recent years, Guangyuan New materials has emerged a number of advanced model workers such as Ning Xiangchun, general manager of Anyang City May 1 Labor Medal winner, and Wei Fengxia, a model worker of Anyang City. The organization of this action by the company is a specific measure to implement the work plan of Anyang Federation of Trade Unions on the action of model workers, so as to further play the main role of advanced figures and collective workers in helping rural revitalization and rural living environment remediation.


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