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Guangyuan New Material: "Micron World" Innovation Busy



There is a "micron world" hidden in the bank of Hongqi Canal. Here, an electronic-grade glass fiber yarn with a diameter of only 1/20 of a hair filament fills the gap in the province, pries open the industry barriers and exports to more than ten countries and regions, writing a new chapter of innovation under the Taihang Mountains.

On December 22, the reporter came to Henan Guangyuan New Material Co., Ltd. located in Linzhou, Anyang, in the weaving workshop of Guangyuan New Material, only to see rows and rows of tube yarns are rotating at high speed, and the yarns as fine as spider silk are shuttled quickly in front of workers, weaving into rolls of dense electronic cloth, which will eventually be made into integrated circuit boards and implanted into cell phones, automobiles, communication and other equipment.

"Hundreds of tons of electronic yarn and millions of meters of electronic cloth go from here to the world every day." Li Zhiwei, chairman of the company, told reporters.

Eleven years ago, at the age of 35, Li retired from the military and returned to his hometown to start his own business. It is not easy to start a business, and the key is to choose the right project. He ran dozens of enterprises and design institutes at home and abroad, and finally locked the electronic-grade glass fiber yarn and electronic cloth, a state-supported construction of high-tech industry of electronic Material. "I didn't know anything at that time, and I didn't even know where the industry association was." At the beginning of 2012, he heard that Ning Xiangchun, an expert in the industry, was working in a design institute in the south, so he rushed over to seek advice.

"Some companies in the industry do not do well for many years, Linzhou is located in the mountains, the transportation location advantage is not, away from the product market, production security is difficult, want to do well too difficult." At the first meeting, Ning Xiangchun threw a pot of cold water to Li Zhiwei. 

Linzhou people probably have a natural stubbornness. After returning, Li Zhiwei not only did not retreat, but also set a strong ambition: "start, synchronize with the world" on the bank of the Red Flag Canal. To do so, we must benchmark the first-class, compared to the international. He repeatedly went to the door and communicated with Ning Xiangchun, and finally reached a consensus to jointly set up the project team of Guangyuan New Material. Subsequently, they hired experts in various fields one after another and formed a strong electronic glass fiber team.

In October 2013, the production line of electronic grade glass fiber with an annual output of 36,000 tons was officially put into operation, which took only 12 months from groundbreaking to ignition, setting a new record for the speed of project construction in the same industry at home and abroad, and was known as the "Linzhou speed" of glass fiber industry. ". Since then, the second phase, third phase and fourth phase, Guangyuan New Material has been developing at a fast pace with projects put into production almost every year.

On March 17, 2020, following the wave of 5G development, Guangyuan New Material started the fifth phase of electronic material project for 5G, which is mainly used in 5G communication industry and will further enhance the market competitiveness of Guangyuan New Material after it is put into production. In June last year, the sixth phase of Guangyuan New Material project started construction, which has been basically completed, while the preliminary work of the seventh phase is under preparation.

It is worth mentioning that Guangyuan New Material intends to invest 6.8 billion yuan in a new electronic Material industrial park project with a construction area of about 550,000 square meters. The project will strive to put into operation in batches of two to three years, and will be built to a high standard in accordance with the requirements of key industrial projects and strive to become a professional electronic Material production base.

Li Zhiwei said that the next step, the company will firmly take the road of "specialization, special new" development, adhere to innovation-driven development, in-depth lean management, the electronic yarn and electronic cloth main business stronger and larger, enhance the electronic grade glass fiber product development capabilities, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and help push the transformation and upgrading of Anyang industry.

Source: Henan Daily


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