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Guangyuan New Material was awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan Province".



December 20, in the province's high-quality development of the private economy conference, the province grandly commended a number of outstanding (outstanding) private enterprises and outstanding (outstanding) private entrepreneurs, this is the province after five years again high-profile recognition of outstanding private enterprises and private entrepreneurs.

This recognition list is jointly selected by the United Front Work Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Henan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. The entire selection and recognition work adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and justice, in strict accordance with the bottom-up, level-by-level audit recommendation, differential selection, and the strict implementation of the "two trials and three public" procedures, and finally awarded Henan Shuanghui Investment Development Co. Ltd. was awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan Province"; Qin Yinglin and other 10 private entrepreneurs were awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in Henan Province"; 85 private enterprises such as Tianrui Group Co. Ltd. and other 85 private enterprises "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan Province"; awarded 87 private entrepreneurs such as Ma Wenchao "Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in Henan Province".

Henan Province outstanding private enterprises list (10)

(A) industry leader (5)

Henan Shuanghui Investment Development Co.

Yutong Bus Co.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co.

Longbay Group Co. Weihua Group Co.

(B) growth innovation (5)

Henan Guangyuan New Material Co.

Hanwei Technology Group Co.

Pleco Biological Engineering Co.

Hebi Haichang Intelligent Technology Co.

Five Star New Material Technology Co.

Henan Province, the list of outstanding private enterprises (85)

(I) Industry leader (40)

Tianrui Group Co.

Henan Yellow River Industry Group Co.

Henan Jinhui Stainless Steel Industry Group Co.

Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion-proof Group Co.

Henan Jiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co.

Zhongyuan Inner Distribution Group Co.

Cayman Aluminum (Sanmenxia) Co.

Zhengzhou Antu Biological Engineering Co.

Tianhai Automotive Electronics Group Co.

Luoyang Luanchuan Molybdenum Group Co.

Puyang Pu Nai High Temperature Material (Group) Co.

Yidian Holding Group Co.

Qingyang Hongda Steel Co.

Luohe City Weilong Trade Co.

Shagang Group Anyang Yongxing Special Steel Co.

Zhongyuan Dayi Technology Co.

Zio Home Technology Co.

Tennant Group (Henan) Energy Technology Co.

White Elephant Food Co.

Henan Fusen Industrial Group Co.

Henan Jinma Energy Co.

Oriental Hope (Sanmenxia) Aluminum Co.

Lingbao Huaxin Copper Foil Co.

Zhengzhou Yijian Group Co.

Minyuan Iron and Steel Group Co.

Henan Jindadi Chemical Co.

Zhongniu Group Co.

Henan Lantian Group Co.

Henan Wanda Aluminum Industry Co.

Henan Zhonglian Transportation Industry Development Co.

Hongye Holding Group Co.

Lingbao Gold Group Co.

Henan Mingyang Intelligent Energy Co.

Nanyang Xie Minus Auto Damper Co.

Atlas Photovoltaic Power (Luoyang) Co.

Henan Liyuan Gas Co.

Henan Guangyu Construction Group Co.

Henan Longyuan Paper Industry Co.

Henan Shuncheng Group Energy Technology Co.

Henan Yongtong Aluminum Co.

(II) growth innovation (45)

Henan Red East Chemical Co.

Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co.

Henan Lanling Huanke Waterproof Material Co.

Lepu Pharmaceutical Technology Co.

Lingbao Xin Electronic Technology Co.

Luoyang Huarong Biotechnology Co.

Henan Brilliant Technology Co.

Yuzhou Henglilai New Material Co.

Luoyang Tong Yi Metal Material Development Co.

Henan Jia Chen Intelligent Control Co.

Xixia County Internal Combustion Engine Intake and Exhaust Pipe Co.

Xinxiang Binhai Pharmaceutical Co.

Henan Haihong Technology Co.

Zhengzhou Lianchuang Electronics Co.

Gumai Optoelectronics Technology Co.

People's Cable Group Co.

Henan Power Diamond Co.

Kaifeng Deere Air Separation Industry Co.

Henan Province Penghui Power Supply Co.

Anyang Zhongyu Jinming Silicon Industry Co.

Xinxiang City Huaxi Technology Co.

Henan Hongyang Precision Technology Co.

Henan Shijia Photonics Technology Co.

Xinxiang Huayang Adhesives Co.

Henan Tianma New Material Co.

Zhengzhou Zongzhi Technology Co.

Henan Aorui Environmental Technology Co.

Xinxiang Tianli Lithium Energy Co.

Puyang Pengxin Chemical Co.

Shangqiu Jinzhenyuan Electronic Technology Co.

Henan Dalin Rubber Communication Equipment Co.

Xinyang Shunyu Optical Co.

Henan Xintiandi Pharmaceutical Co.

Zhengzhou Lingsheng Technology Co.

Luoyang Jianlong Micro-Nano New Material Co.

Henan Ants New Material Co.

Zhengzhou Hengtian Copper Industry Co.

Henan Jishi Pharmaceutical Co.

Sanmenxia Chemical Machinery Co.

Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co.

Henan Alfco Chemical Co.

Pingdingshan Dongfang Carbon Co.

Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co.

Henan Youde Medical Equipment Co.

Golden Monkey Food Co.

List of Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs in Henan Province (10)

Qin Yinglin Party Secretary and President of Mu Yuan Industrial Group Co.

Li Yunfeng General Manager of Duofuiduo New Material Co.

Ankang Chairman, Hualan Biological Engineering Co.

Sun Feng Chairman and General Manager of Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co.

Cheng Quanming Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Henan Jinli Gold Lead Group Co.

Chen Nan, Chairman of the Board, Sanquan Foods Co.

He Dianzhou Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ansteel Group Xinyang Iron & Steel Co.

Shi Jubin Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goodwill Health Foods Co.

Xue Jingxia Chairman of Henan Kanglida Investment Group Co.

Wang Yinliang Chairman of Zhumadian Wang Shouyi Thirteen Spices Group Co.

Henan Province Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs List (87)

Ma Wenchao Chairman of Henan Zhongfu Industry Co.

Ping Benqiang Chairman and General Manager of Henan Province Sibo Electronics Co.

Qiao Songtao Chairman of Zhengzhou Time Tunnel Information Technology Co.

Li Huabin Chairman and General Manager of Henan Xinke Electric Control Equipment Co.

Li Yuanfang General Manager of Henan Yuanfang Property Management Co.

Gu Jingzhong Chairman of Shangu Net Security Technology Co.

Zhang Guilin Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Henan Bridge Petrochemical Co.

Zhou Hongjian Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Suicheng Pharmaceutical Co.

Zhao Sunli, Chairman of the Board, Zhengzhou Yalida Clothing Co.

Zhao Zhanghong, Chairman, Henan Hengmao Chuangyuan Technology Co.

Yao Hongchao Chairman, Henan Sinosteel Technology Group Co.

Chai Xingchen Chairman of Henan Xinchang Copper Industry Group Co.

Cao Yongbin, Chairman, Boya Culture Industry Group Co.

Liang You, General Manager of Henan Zhongcheng Information Technology Co.

Xie Xiaobo, Chairman of Henan Hengxing Technology Co.

Wang Shuang Chairman and General Manager of Kaifeng Qingming River Garden Co.

Zhang Zuli General Manager of Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co.

Zhou Bingjun Chairman of Kaifeng Langrui Machinery Co.

Ma Hongju Chairman of Henan Tongda Cable Co.

Li Zhanming Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Longhua Technology Group (Luoyang) Co.

Yang Zhisen Chairman of the Board of Directors of Henan Laojunshan Cultural Tourism Group Co.

Cao Anhua General Manager of Henan Fa'ende Mining Co.

General Manager of Luoyang Xineng Bearing Manufacturing Co.

Han Songfeng General Manager of Henan Guoan Construction Group Co.

Pei Guangbin Chairman and General Manager of Luoyang Zhongchao New Material Co.

Wang Ruofei Chairman of Henan Jieshi Industrial Group

Ye Yuanpeng Chairman of Henan Aitong Technology Co.

Chen Yamin General Manager of Henan Pingmian Textile Group Co.

Wu Zeming General Manager of Teflite Equipment Manufacturing Group Co.

Hou Guoting Chairman, Maigang Shenzhou Heavy Metal Composites Co. 

Wang Zhiguo Chairman and General Manager of Anyang Quanfeng Biotechnology Co.

Li Jingmin Chairman of Linzhou Fengbao Pipe Industry Co.

He Yongzheng Chairman of Henan Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co.

He Qiu'an Chairman of Minshan Huaneng Hi-Tech Co.

Ma Yi General Manager of Henan Jingdong Zhongyuan Cloud Computing Co.

Chen Haitao Chairman of the Board, Zhongwei Chemical Fiber Co.

Jia Zhizhong General Manager of Hebi Feihe Co.

Yuan Liwei General Manager of Henan Yifa Herding Co.

Wang Guosheng President of Camelman Holding Group Co.

Wang Yuqiao Chairman of Henan Zhi Microbiological Medicine Co.

Liu Xingxu Chairman of Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co.

Yan Yinfeng Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Henan Yinjinda Holding Group Co.

Cheng Di General Manager of Henan KELON New Energy Co.

General Manager of Henan Baoquan Tourism Co.

XIAO Zhiwei General Manager of Jiaozuo Health Yuan Biological Products Co.

Zhao Hongguo General Manager of Daqa International Food Co.

Jiang Boen Chairman and General Manager of Henan Jianghe Paper Co.

Su Zhiwei Chairman of Puyang Sanyuan Construction Engineering Co.

Zhang Litao General Manager of Puyang Xunda Grain and Oil Co.

Liu Gang General Manager of Xiji Xunda Elevator Co.

Liu Ting Chairman of Henan Tianyuan Coal Industry Co.

Zhang Liangqi, Chairman of the Board, Detong Intelligent Technology Co.

Zhang Mengmeng General Manager of Xuchang Jinmeng Industrial Development Co.

Shang Junwei Chairman of Henan Jinyang Aluminum Co.

Lu Guangming General Manager of Xuchang Zhende Dressings Co.

Fang Shuguang Chairman of Luohe Weikang Biotechnology Co.

Lu Yongjun General Manager of Henan Yuzhong New Material Co.

Hu Xintang Chairman of Yima Baoyi New Material Co.

Guo Fuxiang General Manager of Henan Yangshao Wine Co.

Han Hekuan Chairman of the Board, Sanmenxia Sanova Pharmaceutical Co.

Pan Jianfeng Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of Henan Juntong Vehicle Co.

Wang Xin, President of Nanyang Dingtai Hi-Tech Co.

Zhu Shucheng Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Henan Longcheng Group Co.

Li Yongzhong General Manager of Henan Zhongyuan Chemical Co.

Zheng Ronghua Chairman of Nanyang Datong Trade Group Co.

Jia Xiaoping Chairman of Nanyang Jinniu Color Printing Group Co.

Fan Chong Chairman and General Manager of Golden Crown Electric Co. 

Wang Laifu Chairman of the Board, Zhecheng Huifeng Diamond Technology Co.

Zhao Xiaowen General Manager of Jieshimei Building Material Technology Co.

Zhu Chunhua Chairman, Chunhua Qiushi Technology Group Co.

Cheng Kai General Manager of Henan Huaihai Jingcheng Industrial Technology Co.

Yu Wenjie Chairman, Wanhua Ecological Board Industry Integrated Equipment Co.

Liu Wenxin Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Xinyang Wenxin Tea Co.

Sun Gaojun Chairman of Xinyang Rongye Real Estate Group Co.

Hou Dongmei Chairman of Henan Luyan Clothing Industry Co.

Xiong Wei Chairman and General Manager of Henan Antelope Pharmaceutical Co.

Pan Daorong Chairman of Xixian Hongsheng Grain Products Co.

Li Tianning General Manager of Henan Alben Garment Co.

Zhang Peng Chairman of Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Technology Co.

Chen Haigang Chairman of Henan Kaiwang Electronic Technology Co.

Zhao New Year Chairman of Henan Sifang Pharmaceutical Group Co.

Xia Guoyin Chairman of Henan Care Good Paper Co.

Liu Hongjun Chairman of Zhumadian Xiyinmen Commercial Co.

Li Liucheng Chairman of Henan Dingli Pole & Tower Co.

Li Huawei Chairman of Henan Caihongfang Wine Co.

Lu Yiming Chairman, Jiyuan Wanyang Smelting (Group) Co.

Sun Youcai Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Henan Hengtong Chemical Group


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