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Guangyuan New Material "fight" electronic glass fiber: red flag canal can be repaired, the project will also be able to do well!



Red Flag Drain has brought many influences to Linzhou people, especially, they become willing to "fight". These "efforts" have made Linzhou a success.

Editor's Note: On October 28, General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned during his visit to the Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall in Linzhou City, Anyang, Henan Province, that the spirit of the Red Flag Canal and the spirit of Yan'an are one and the same, and that it is an indelible historical memory of the Chinese nation that will always shock people's hearts.

Red Flag Ditch is a monumental epic written by the party and the masses in ten years, and for entrepreneurs, creating a business is also building the "Red Flag Ditch" in their hearts, and they have also experienced hardships and crises, and trekked through to this day with their hearts and beliefs.

Top News - Henan Business Daily launched a special report "The Long Flow of Drainage - The Spirit of Red Flag Drainage in Anyang Enterprises", focusing on Anyang, interviewing the helmsmen of local head enterprises and asking them to tell us about the "Spirit of Red Flag Drainage" as they understand and practice it.

Top News - Henan Business Daily reporter Hao Ruiling/text Photo by interviewer

Hongqiqu has brought many influences to Linzhou people, especially, they become willing to "fight". And the natural environment, and the difficulties in front of the fight, but also with their own fight, these "fight", the achievement of Linzhou.

(hereinafter referred to as "Guangyuan New Material"), an enterprise growing on the bank of Hongqi Canal, is also a company good at "fighting". For more than ten years, the struggle is engraved in the genes, from equipment, to technology, from talents, to market, they are trekking from many difficulties and running to a bright future.

Top News interviewed Li Zhiwei, the chairman of Guangyuan New Material, to tell us how Guangyuan New Material creates industrial miracle by "fighting hard".


On October 16, 2013, the first phase of Guangyuan New Material Electronic Yarn Project was officially put into production, which took only 12 months from the start of construction to production, "which set a new record for the industry project at that time and was called the Guangyuan speed of the glass fiber industry in the industry!" Li Zhiwei said, "The fastest speed in the industry before (put into production) was also 18 to 20 months."

Nowadays, Guangyuan New Material has achieved seven phases of projects, and each phase of the project is promoted with the most efficient speed required of itself. "At the beginning of Guangyuan's start, we had a philosophy - we have to keep pace with the world at the beginning." Li Zhiwei said, "We have to use the best equipment and the highest standard of management, aim at the highest standard of the industry, and examine ourselves by the world standard."

Facts also proved that Guangyuan New Material did not disappoint expectations, and in just ten years, it has grown into the largest private enterprise specializing in the production of electronic yarn and electronic fabric in China, and sprinted to the high-end product market.

"If the Red Flag Canal can be repaired, the project will also be done well!"

The initial joy is still in the heart, but the initial difficulties are not enough for outsiders to understand. Like many entrepreneurs, Li Zhiwei was once faced with financial problems, and the financial support from the group was not enough to bear the huge investment in the project.

Guangyuan wanted to speed up its run and keep investing to pull the project level up, so as to move into a bigger and broader market.

In 2017, Guangyuan New Material started its listing plan, and started its share reform in early 2018. On December 14, 2020, Guangyuan New Material formally filed for IPO counseling in Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau, and its shareholding structure was improved and its corporate governance was greatly enhanced.

On August 12, 2022, Guangyuan New Material GEM IPO was officially accepted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, and Guangyuan New Material's dream of capital market may only be the last step.

The prospectus shows that in this IPO, Guangyuan New Material intends to issue no more than 166 million new shares and raise 2.6 billion yuan for the annual output of 70,000 tons of high-performance ultra-fine electronic yarn production line construction project, the annual output of 100 million meters of high-performance electronic fabric intelligent production line project, the annual output of 80 million meters of high-performance ultra-thin electronic fabric production line project and supplementary working capital.

A new visionary map of Guangyuan's development is unfolding. "In March 2020, we launched the project of electronic Material for 5G, and the products are mainly used in the 5G communication industry, which has been successfully put into production, and we also hope to take more corporate responsibility in this field and seek technical breakthroughs in the future." Li Zhiwei said, "We hope to accelerate Guangyuan at the development level through IPO, and strive to recreate a new Guangyuan in 3 to 5 years through IPO!"

"Linzhou a county-level city, why will grow a high standard enterprise of electronic grade glass fiber?" This may be a question for many people.

Li Zhiwei recalled an image of the early stage of the creation of the matter back then, he wanted to retain talent, he wanted to retain customers, he wanted to pool resources together to do a great job for the development of the industry, so after the business meeting, he would invite guests to visit the Red Flag Canal.

The water of the canal was as clear as a belt, and Tianhe was amazed, "It is so difficult to build the Red Flag Canal, and Linzhou people have done it, we must also have confidence to give the project a good job!" He said to the visitors.


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