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Welcome the 20th National Congress, Celebrate the 9th Anniversary - Remember the Factory Day of Guangyuan New Material on Oct. 16



The red-hot October.

Praise does not need to be sung.

Just listen with your heart.

In the sound of the Yellow River and Yangtze River

echoes the flowing waves of the Red Flag Canal.

In the expectation of the children of China

accompanied by the cheers of Guangyuan people.

From the red boat in Jiaxing, the light is lit.

The hundred-year splendor sharpened the original heart to rejuvenation.

Leading China from victory to new victory.

From the foot of Taihang Mountain to the start of production

After nine years of piecing together the wind and rain

The "micron world" on the bank of Hongqi Canal has become more radiant.

This October, we rejoice, we celebrate together!

The blue sky, white clouds and red flag are hoisted.

That is the height that all people look up to.

Because of the brave and healthy and far-reaching

We are proud to be at the top.

We lead the way.

With splendor and brilliance.

Our body is like a mountain, majestic.

The blue sky, white clouds and red flag rose.

That is the power of thunder and lightning.

Because unity and fearlessness

We can face new challenges.

We are confident and proud.

Growing with passion.

We are as strong as a rainbow, and we are going forward.

The blue sky, the white clouds, the red flag

That's the style of looking down on the world.

Because of self-confidence and self-improvement

We can face the wind upward.

We are united in our efforts.

With dreams and struggle

Our hearts are as blue as the sky.

Facing the new situation, planning new development.

The 20th National Congress, which is awaited by all

Stirring up the wind in the land of God.

The direction of the Chinese sons and daughters is guided.

Between the mountains and waters under the sky

A wide and distant road

The road is majestically heading far away.

Keeping up with the world, starting here.

Nine years of history may not be long.

but it is thick enough.

This is the common memory of Guangyuan people.

The thousand-mu factory may not be large.

But it is vast enough.

This is the position that Guangyuan people hold fast to.

On this day, the sound of laughter is accompanied by the sound of laughter.

On this day, red hearts reflect the red flag.

With sincerity, Guangyuan people chanted the song of hope.

With their hands, they played the song of strength.

With their footsteps, they left behind a majestic song.

In the song and on the journey

We are chasing our dreams and heading for a new victory!


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