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The party branch of the company won the honorary title of "advanced grass-roots party organization".



On the morning of June 30, the Party Committee of Yao Village Town held a commendation meeting for the "July 1" Party Day, and the Party Branch of the company was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization".

Since its establishment, the company's party branch has always been closely around the party committee at all levels, insisting on party building and business work with both hands, uniting and leading all party members, cadres and masses, being pragmatic and realistic, effectively promoting party building and business work to double advance and double improve. In terms of party building, the party branch to implement the requirements of strict governance of the party, strict grasp of the construction of the party, and constantly promote the construction of learning party organizations, to carry out various forms of party exercise activities and style construction education and training, the organization of all party members adhere to the "July 1" Party Day thematic commemorative activities, the organization of party members to the Biantaan Spirit Exhibition Hall, Gu Wenchang advanced deeds memorial hall, youth cave, the source of the red flag canal and other places to carry out learning, improve the ideological awareness and overall quality of party members, so that party members and cadres continue to improve the ability to learn, knowledge and improve, and give full play to the role of a pioneer. In business, the company's party branch around the industry production development, drive party members and cadres to actively participate in technology research and development innovation, for the progress of the industry has made remarkable achievements.

In the future work, the company's party branch will closely unite around the party committee at all levels, give full play to the role of a fighting fortress, down-to-earth, realistic, pragmatic, and strive to be a model of "two studies and one do", to inspire all party members to play a pioneering role in the work, for the local economic development and the company's career progress to make Greater contribution to the local economic development and progress of the company.


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