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Two excellent a first" style record] Li Zhiwei: party building to lead the development of innovation cast brilliant



A great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs a role model to lead. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee launched the column of "Anyang City's 'Two Excellent and First' Style Record".

Opening remarks

A great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs a role model to lead. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee launched the column of "Anyang City's 'Two Excellent and One First' Style Record", featuring the advanced deeds of Party organizations and Party members who have been honored by the central, provincial and municipal "Two Excellent and One First". We hope that the Party organizations and Communist Party members in the city will take the advanced models as examples, bear in mind the original mission, perform their duties faithfully, work hard and move forward courageously on the new journey of building a comprehensive socialist modernization, so as to build "a strong city", realize "eight leading" and make a comprehensive development for the city. "eight leading", the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization of the dynamic ancient capital of colorful Anyang to provide strong power, with excellent results to meet the victory of the 20th Party Congress.

Party building leads development, innovation casts brilliance

--Li Zhiwei, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangyuan New Material Co.

As a pioneer in the electronic-grade glass fiber industry in the new era, Comrade Li Zhiwei has established Guangyuan New Material for nearly ten years, highlighting project-driven and innovative development, gradually developing into a strategic emerging industry project to be cultivated, and ranking among the top 50 in China's electronic Material industry, and being awarded "China's electronic-grade glass fiber production base".

First, bear in mind the original mission, and assume a responsibility for local economic development

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the spirit of Red Flag Ditch, which is the central embodiment of the nature and purpose of our Party, is everlasting and will never become obsolete. In 2010, he was transferred from the army to the local community, and stood at the crossroads of his life, facing multiple choices. He firmly believes that only by returning to his hometown and participating in local economic construction can he be worthy of his identity as a communist and a son and daughter of the Red Flag Canal in the new era.

Father is the old party members of the industrial front old comrades, through the country's traditional industrial development stage, with environmental protection requirements continue to improve, the transformation of enterprises is imperative. With the spirit of the Red Flag Ditch in his bones, he took the initiative to accept the task of transformation and development. In 2013, the first phase of the project was successfully ignited, filling the gap in the provincial glass fiber industry. many customers who came to Guangyuan were surprised by the advanced production line and asked most about how to put this project here? What are the advantages? The most answered is that the spirit of Hongqiqu is the biggest advantage! As a son and daughter of Hongqiqu, we should assume a responsibility for the development of the local economy!

Second, carry forward the spirit of struggle and make the speed of Guangyuan a miracle

In the past, under very difficult conditions, the Hongqi Canal was built as an artificial river, creating the "Eighth Wonder of the World"; now, China can gnaw the most difficult bones with wisdom, strength, determination and action, creating the miracle of poverty eradication in China. All these spirits show us that small enterprises need to create miracles in order to leap onto the international stage.

In the face of all kinds of difficulties, the temperament and nature of the people of Hongqiqu, which is "to put what comes from the back to the front", were fully developed, and the first phase of the electronic yarn project was put into operation in only 12 months, which set a new record of project construction speed compared with the average project construction period, and was called "Guangyuan speed" by the peers. ". Facing the competition in the industry, the extension of industrial chain is imperative. The second phase of electronic fabric project had the conditions for full production in 8 months; the third phase of 50,000 tons of electronic yarn project, which is technically difficult, was successfully put into operation in October 2018 by the Guangyuan team overcoming difficulties; the fifth and sixth phases of the project even overcame the impact of the epidemic and achieved the set target of starting construction and putting into operation in the same year. Through a series of projects, the industry status of Guangyuan has been continuously upgraded. In the rapid development, Guangyuan firmly adheres to the development concept of "keeping pace with the world" and insists on playing the role of a fighting base of the Party organization, which is the result of the unity and hard work of all Party members and employees of Guangyuan, Under the unfavorable conditions of no technology, no talents, no raw Material and no market, the company has built a large-scale electronic glass fiber enterprise.

Third, highlight the talent support, group high-end team to do first-class industry

How can an enterprise develop to take a place in the fierce market competition? Talent is the key. "The key to competition in today's world is science and technology, which is ultimately the competition of scientific and technological talents. Electronic Material project technology threshold is high, the industry span is large, talent is the biggest bottleneck to limit the development of enterprises. In the introduction of talents, a number of domestic and foreign industry experts and talents have been hired to join Guangyuan and form the core team. Although Guangyuan is still very young, it has a team of officers and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the spirit of Red Flag Ditch, we have made extraordinary achievements by working together in unity and with one goal in mind. The rapid development of Guangyuan has also driven the related industrial chain projects to land one after another. In recent years, the China Copper Clad Board Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference has been held to draw the attention of the industry to Guangyuan; the High-level Forum on Copper Clad Board has invited hundreds of experts and enterprise leaders to discuss the development of Guangyuan; the High Frequency and High Speed Electronic Material Application Technology Seminar has enabled the industry to see the development and growth of a high-end electronic material manufacturing base.

Insist on the leadership of Party building, and forge a first-class brand through the joint construction of the Party and the group

First-class enterprise needs first-class party building, and first-class party building leads first-class enterprise. Party building is the "red engine" of non-public enterprise development, as long as the party building work as an important cause of the enterprise itself to grasp, the party's organizational advantages, political advantages will be transformed into the development advantages of the enterprise, will produce the party building and enterprise integration and development of a win-win pattern. In the development of the enterprise, we deeply feel that "Party building is productivity, competitiveness and cohesion". In response to the call of the local party committee and government, we have signed help agreements with towns and villages to help the poor and the needy by taking advantage of the organization of non-public enterprises. The villagers' cultural activity square.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "No matter how far we go, we cannot forget the road we came from. Nowadays, Guangyuan is actively promoting the listing work and striving to enter the capital market as soon as possible. According to Guangyuan's future development plan, it will be driven by a series of projects to enhance the competitive advantages of the product market and strive to become a leading enterprise in the electronic grade glass fiber industry. It can be said that the development and progress of Guangyuan cannot be separated from the leadership of Party building and the need to create greater value and return to the society.


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