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Copper foil, resin, electronic yarn Raw materials help laminates adapt to 5G demand



On October 18, 2019, the "20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Enterprise Fellowship", co-sponsored by China Electronics Materials Association Copper Clad Materials Branch (CCLA) and China Electronic Circuits Association (CPCA) Copper Clad Branch, were successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

On October 18, 2019, the "20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Board Enterprise The "20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Board Enterprise Fellowship" were successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. More than 320 representatives from 194 units of PCB, CCL and upstream raw materials, equipment manufacturing enterprises, relevant research institutes, universities and colleges, social organizations, etc. from home and abroad attended the meeting.

This year's China Copper Clad Technology Symposium, we deeply feel several buzz words, including 5G, automotive electronics and intelligent manufacturing, for the copper clad industry, corresponding to high frequency, high speed, high performance and high reliability, that is, how China's copper clad board to open the path to high-end areas of development.

At the seminar, the organizers invited Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2012 laboratory director engineer Huang Mingli brought "the development of 5G communications on the new demand for copper clad and its raw materials", and ZTE Corporation technical quality engineer Li Jingke made a report entitled "5G system products PCB technology and material requirements", in which they are highlighted in the report, RF / microwave Laminate, high-speed laminate performance improvement, more and more inseparable from the performance of raw materials to improve, and the application of new raw materials to improve technology. Especially critical is the use of low profile copper foil; low dielectric constant, high heat resistance resin; low dielectric electronic yarn, cloth, and very thin glass fiber cloth, in 5G with high dielectric properties, high reliability PCB substrates play an important role has become indispensable, become more prominent.

To this end, PCB007 China Online magazine reporters during the meeting, the three laminate industry chain of business executives interviewed. They are from Anhui Copper Crown Copper Foil Co., Ltd. which produces the largest amount of low-profile reverse copper foil in China, Guangdong Tongyu New Material Co., Ltd. which is a supplier of special medium and high-grade resins, and Henan Guangyuan New Material Co., Ltd. which produces high-performance low-dielectric electronic yarn/electronic cloth and extremely thin glass fiber cloth for 5G.


Anhui Copper Crown: copper foil for high speed and high frequency


Jia Jintao, Senior Technical Director of Anhui Copper Crown Copper Foil Co.


Mr. Jia Jintao, senior technical director from Anhui Copper Crown Copper Foil Co., Ltd. introduced the company's high performance electrolytic copper foil development and production and marketing. Ltd. has built three electrolytic copper foil production bases in Hefei, Chizhou and Tongling. At present, copper foil for circuit boards is mainly produced in two factories in Hefei and Chizhou. Copper Crown Copper Foil has now developed into the largest domestic electrolytic copper foil manufacturer in mainland China with the largest production scale of copper foil for circuit boards. By the end of 2019, the company's annual production capacity of electrolytic copper foil for circuit boards will reach 27,000 tons. Among them, the current supply of reversed copper foil (RTF copper foil) reaches at around 200 tons per month.

When asked if there is a significant increase in market demand for reverse copper foil in 2019, Director Jia said, "As the first year of 5G in 2019, the demand for reverse copper foil increases significantly, mainly for 5G base station construction. From the company's own point of view, the demand for reversed copper foil increases every month, so the Chizhou factory is also gradually being certified, and the supply of reversed copper foil will be more and more in the future."

And in the face of the growth in quantity, users' performance requirements for reversed copper foil have also increased, and Copper Crown has also felt the power of this technological improvement. Mr. Jia said, "As Huawei, ZTE and Mr. Yang Weisheng from the 14th Institute said in the report, the general idea is that the requirement for copper foil surface roughness (Rz) will become lower and lower, and now it is basically to 2.0μm, or even below 2.0μm. At the same time the use of magnetic materials that can have an impact on signal transmission will be reduced."

In response to the emerging market demand for copper foil with high performance, Copper Crown has made big moves in response this year. 2019 the company has made a plan and has set up a technology center in Hefei specifically to establish cooperation with the University of Science and Technology of China and Hefei University of Technology in industry-university-research, with a terminal-oriented approach to key directions and areas of relevance. Director Jia said that this will include doing some corresponding research on how to reduce the roughness without reducing the peel strength, as well as for the elimination of magnetic elements, corresponding to the variation of different types of resins used in the base material, Teflon PTFE type base material, etc. At the same time, the company's research process takes into account various possibilities, such as process conditions such as additives and research on different process treatments such as the addition or reduction of layers on the surface of copper foil, etc. It is relatively comprehensive.

Director Jia proudly said: "The company has been in production since 2009, and is actually upgrading, and we now have the fourth generation of products. Copper Crown currently has relatively mature products for high-speed circuits to cope with, after for high-frequency circuits, the special launch of copper foil surface roughness (Rz) less than 2.0 microns for high-frequency high-speed HVLP second-generation copper foil, is expected to be successfully completed in the first half of next year, should enter the mass production phase in the second half of the year at the latest, by then, will basically have a monthly output of 2,000 tons of supply capacity. "

Guangdong Tongyu: a rising star in the field of special resins

Zhang Chi, General Manager of Guangdong Tongyu New Materials Co.

In addition to copper foil, the development of special resin technology is also important, for which we interviewed Zhang Chi, General Manager of Guangdong Tong Yu New Materials Co. Tong Yu New Materials is a newcomer in our industry, but has achieved a lot.

Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a very dynamic and young company. The company has a professional R & D, production, sales and safety and environmental management team, we are mainly committed to providing medium and high grade special copper clad resin solutions, in the lead-free, halogen-free, high Tg and other copper clad applications have been widely recognized by customers. After more than three years of development, our sales have also tripled and we are now supposed to be the largest supplier of special middle and high grade resins in China. At the same time, the company has also received some social honors, including being recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a high-growth enterprise in Guangdong Province, a safety production standardization enterprise, the Innovation China-2018 Emerging Technology Enterprise of the Year, and achieving the seventh place nationwide in the 2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which was mainstayed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and participated by more than 30,000 enterprises nationwide."

When it comes to the entire global specialty resin substrates, the overall growth rate is also very high, which is inseparable from the overall market development. According to Prismark, in 2018, the global sales of special and special resin-based laminates (mainly referring to substrate materials for high-frequency and high-speed laminates and cover loading boards) reached US$2,962 million, following a growth rate of up to 16.4% in 2017, and the momentum of significant growth is still on the upswing in 2018, with a growth rate of up to 31.7% in 2018. It accounted for the proportion of the entire global total sales of rigid copper laminates, from 18.5% in 2017, to 23.9%.

And Tong Yu is in the middle of it, catching the hot and painful points of the market, as Mr. Zhang said, "Tong Yu's growth is closely related to the increase in the use and demand of high-grade electronic laminates in the whole industry on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have filled the technology gaps in the field of laminates and have some special new products to help customers solve their problems, which are complementary to each other. "

"Such a special market positioning comes from the company's initial decision in 2015, with the rapid changes in electronic circuit technology and products, the company's decision-making level to see the increasing demand in the special resin, it is determined to invest in this area of research and development efforts to solve the corresponding technical difficulties. Because of such a decision, the company was able to catch the fast train of change. Mr. Zhang recalled. In response to the new technical requirements of 5G, the company has developed new products such as special modified polyphenylene ether resin, special modified bismaleimide resin, special modified reactive resin, special modified hydrocarbon resin, and so on, and has been recognized by some customers. This year, Tong Yu will continue to expand its production capacity to cope with the huge market space brought by 5G.


Guangyuan New Material: Join the industry development bottleneck material

Tao Yinglong, deputy general manager of Henan Guangyuan New Materials Co.

The reporter learned that just before the annual meeting of copper-clad panels, on the morning of October 16, the fourth phase of Guangyuan New Material's high performance low dielectric electronic yarn project for 5G was officially ignited. This news is of great significance for promoting the progress of China's electronic material industry for 5G. For this reason, we interviewed Mr. Tao Yinglong, Deputy General Manager of Henan Guangyuan New Material Co.

When asked what positive effect this high performance low dielectric electronic yarn for 5G will have on the development of China's current laminate industry, Mr. Tao said that now is the era of 5G, but there is a bottleneck of low dielectric electronic yarn in the whole industry chain, which is a key raw material to restrict the rapid development of 5G. Guangyuan conducted research through three years of preliminary research and formally launched the project in 2018. Considering the complexity and difficulty of low dielectric technology, Guangyuan is still cautious. The pool kiln, which has just been ignited, can now reach a capacity of 150 tons/month, which is a very high output share for the global market.

Mr. Tao proudly said, "In addition to the Dk value and Df value which definitely meet the requirements for 5G use, our biggest advantage is that we have solved the hollow control problem well from the process, and also borrowed some advanced processes from Europe and America, so this product is not inferior to similar products in Japan and America in terms of performance."

When it comes to the development trajectory of the company, Guangyuan started to conduct market research in 2011 and transformed in 2013 to focus on electronic yarn and electronic fabric. Along the way, one principle that has always been kept in mind is to keep growing the R&D power of the company. Mr. Tao said: "At the earliest, we started our R&D from the technology of high-end enterprises at home and abroad. In the past few years, we have gradually introduced some, and at the same time, we have cooperated well with domestic R&D institutions and universities, including hiring many technical experts from home and abroad, for example, we have hired four Japanese senior consultants to expand our R&D team and increase our R&D strength. "

Talking about the core competitiveness of the enterprise brought by R&D, the beautiful report card in these years is the best proof, Mr. Tao used the word "great harvest" to summarize, BC grade super fine electronic yarn, including BC1500, BC2250, BC3000; ultra-thin electronic fabric, including 1037, 1027, 1017, etc. They have been successfully developed and put into the market one after another, which has established Guangyuan's leading position in the industry in this field.

"At present, Guangyuan has two kilns for electronic yarn and 800 looms for electronic fabric. The plan for the next five years is to increase two to three more kilns for electronic yarn and 2,000 looms for electronic fabric. In other words, the annual production capacity of electronic yarn should reach 140,000 tons, and the monthly production capacity of electronic cloth should be increased to 45 million meters. "Listening to Mr. Tao's planning for the future, it is as if we can see the world's largest professional manufacturer of glass fiber and glass fiber cloth rising.


Full of confidence to meet the coming tide of 5G demand next year


When asked about the ongoing 20th China Copper Clad Technology Symposium, everyone coincidentally mentioned that the biggest feeling brought about by this session is that 5G is here for real. Last year's conference was more of a problem, but in 2019 we are actually solving problems. The biggest difference between this year's forum and previous years is that everyone is hotly discussing to what extent 5G will be implemented and how it will be pushed further down the road. The speed of everyone's action is very fast, which greatly exceeds my expectation. From Guangyuan's point of view, in this era, we have to seize this opportunity and feel very honored to be able to contribute to the development of our entire Chinese technology."

2019 is the first year of 5G commercialization, in fact, the real climax may be a large market demand next year, TongYu's Zhang said: "This year, we have expanded our production capacity by means of technical transformation, while the corresponding products are gradually taking shape, I believe that for 2020, TongYu is ready." He hopes that as the entire electronic materials industry chain can communicate more and accelerate the speed of technology development of the whole industry. For example, in the polyphenylene ether resin, from the synthesis of raw materials to the application of TongYu has done a lot of work, but also formed several related patents, is willing to solve the current bottleneck for the industry.

Jia, the director of Copper Crown Copper Foil, also said: "Last year, it was probably more in the form of concepts or questions, but this year I feel that the actual problems and solutions to problems were basically put forward through practice. Next year I think there will be greater development, just as our high-frequency high-speed laminate, there will be high-speed development."

It is understood that the conference received a total of thirty-nine papers, the expert review panel selected 10 outstanding papers, the "2019 CCLA Cup Outstanding Paper Award" and presentations at the conference.


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