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Abide by the Production Safety Law and Be the First Responsible Person - Launch of Guangyuan New Material 2022 Production Safety Month Activity



June this year is the 21st national "Production Safety Month", the theme of the event is "comply with the production safety law, as the first responsible person".

June this year is the 21st National "Safe Production Month", and the theme of the activity is "Abide by the Safe Production Law and Be the First Responsible Person". Mr. Ning Xiangchun, General Manager, Mr. Yang Haipeng, Assistant General Manager, cadres above the supervisory level, team leaders and diligent managers participated in the activity ceremony.

General manager Ning Xiangchun made a mobilization speech, requiring all units to continue to study and implement the important remarks of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safe production, effectively promote the implementation of the fifteen measures of safe production, take the safety month activities as an opportunity to create a strong atmosphere of safety development in all aspects, the whole process, multi-level, enhance the safety awareness of all employees, in-depth investigation and elimination of safety risks and hazards, and further improve the company's safety To further enhance the safety management level and successfully complete the annual production safety target.

General manager assistant Yang Haipeng put forward specific requirements, first, according to the activities of the program organized strictly, the implementation of the activities; second, actively carry out safety education, do a good job of hidden danger management investigation; third, the Department of Safety and Environmental Protection should take the initiative to play a role in the site to do a good job of safety activities supervision to ensure that the activities of the month of safe production according to the plan to promote.

"I am an employee of Guangyuan, and I solemnly promise to do my duty and cherish my life! I will resolutely abide by the company rules and regulations, job safety operation procedures and labor discipline, so as not to have accidents or leave hidden dangers! I will take practical action to ensure the safe production of enterprises!" Under the leadership of Cheng Mao Hong, deputy director of safety and environmental power, the whole staff read the safety oath.

At the launching ceremony, all the staff participated in the big signature activity of safety theme. Everyone expressed that they should actively participate in the activities of the Safety Production Month, start from themselves, start from the side, actively perform the duties of safety production, practice the theme of "abide by the law of safety production, be the first responsible person", and contribute to the realization of the company's safety development!


--Six activities previewed Safety starts from me...

It is understood that this year's production safety month activities are divided into six links, including "all staff swear and sign", "everyone learn safety", "red armband action", "fire fighting competition", "safety knowledge competition" and "safety speech contest".

全员宣誓签名  1/6

Safety production is everyone's responsibility. Each unit will carry out the whole staff oath and signature activity one after another. Let's inaugurate this activity with a solemn sense of ceremony and a high sense of responsibility!


Everyone learns safety 2/6

Everyone is the "first responsible person" for safety. Through the organization of watching special films, inviting the fire department to conduct special training, combined with the organization of safety education training in each unit to further enhance safety awareness.


Red Sleeve Badge Action 3/6

Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, is the basic policy of safety production work. The company-wide in-depth "red sleeve badge" self-correction activities, through the participation of all staff, strengthen the source of governance, and effectively nip the risks and hidden dangers in the bud.


Firefighting Competition 4/6

Emergency drills are an important part of safety management. The fire drill and skill competition activities in the Safety Production Month will further improve the company's ability to deal with emergencies and guard the lives and properties of the company and its employees.


Safety knowledge contest 5/6

Learn something, learn something. With the rich safety knowledge, you will be able to face more challenges and stronger "opponents" in the competition. With a rich question and answer database and interesting links, please look forward to it!


Safety Speech Contest 6/6


I am a safety "propagandist". With a loud voice, fluent language, vivid cases, the sound of safety, so that safety really into the hearts of everyone!

Learn more, ask more questions, think more carefully, identify more clearly, and do more. The colorful activities of this year's Safety Production Month will create a strong and enthusiastic atmosphere, and we will strive to achieve a new level of safety production in the company!


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