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CCLA successfully held the 20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar



On October 18, 2019, the "20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Enterprise Fellowship", co-sponsored by China Electronics Materials Association (CCLA) and China Electronic Circuits Industry Association (CPCA) Substrate Materials Branch, were successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.


The venue of the 20th China Copper Clad Technology Symposium

The 6th China Flexible Copper Clad Board Enterprise Fellowship

On October 18, 2019, the "20th China Copper Clad Technical Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Enterprise Networking Meeting", co-sponsored by the Copper Clad Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Association (CCLA) and the Substrate Materials Branch of China Electronic Circuits Association (CPCA), were successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The "20th China Copper Clad Technology Seminar" and the "6th China Flexible Copper Clad Board Enterprise Fellowship" were successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. More than 320 representatives from 194 units, including PCB, CCL and upstream raw materials and equipment manufacturers, related research institutes, universities and colleges, and social organizations from home and abroad attended the meeting.

The conference is in 5G equipment and mobile communications, automotive electronics, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things and other market demand driven by China's copper clad board is to achieve the development of high-end areas in the process of a high-end technology forum and exchange event on copper clad board, the theme of the meeting is " adapt to the new situation, seize new opportunities, enhance the new level ". The conference invited experts and technicians from the copper clad board industry and its upstream and downstream industries at home and abroad to conduct in-depth and extensive discussions on new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, new standards and future development trends of the copper clad board market and technology, with rich content. In the same period of this conference held the sixth national flexible copper clad board enterprise fellowship. A total of thirty-nine papers were received at the conference, and ten excellent papers were selected by the expert review panel, and the "2019 CCLA Cup Excellent Paper Award" was awarded and presented at the conference.

"Group photo of the winning authors of "2019 CCLA Cup Outstanding Paper Award

Li Shaochuan, vice president of CCLA and general manager of the laminate factory of Guangdong Shantou Ultrasonic Electronics Co., Ltd, delivered an opening speech for the conference. He said, 5G is opening a new era, 5G has great significance for PCB and CCL, and is a great opportunity for us. Currently, the demand for high-frequency and high-speed laminates is showing explosive growth, and Chinese manufacturers have emerged in the high-end laminate market, which is dominated by foreign investors. High-performance substrates are the shortcomings of Chinese electronic materials companies, and the lack of core technology and higher application thresholds are a few of the mountains that stand in front of domestic companies. I hope this seminar can enhance the laminate technology and promote the upstream and downstream enterprises to unite and meet the challenges! I wish more copper clad board enterprises can be among the global high performance copper clad board.

Li Shaochuan, Vice Chairman of CCLA and General Manager of Shantou Ultrasonic Electronics Co.

Dong Xiaojun, Vice Chairman of China Electronic Circuits Association (CPCA) and Chairman of CCLA Branch, delivered an opening speech for the conference, saying that the CCL industry has developed to the present day, with continuous technological progress, new products emerging and innovations emerging, we should learn from each other, communicate with each other and establish a benign competitive environment, which is conducive to the development of the industry and the progress and growth of each enterprise. Let's work together, keep innovating, keep up with the development of the times and customer needs, and jointly promote the development of China's copper-clad laminate industry and electronics industry.

Dong Xiaojun, Vice Chairman of China Electronic Circuit Association (CPCA) and Chairman of the Copper Clad Branch

Huang Yongfeng, General Manager of Suzhou Jingyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd, a co-organizer of the conference, delivered a welcome speech for the conference.

General Manager Huang Yongfeng, Suzhou Jingyi New Material Technology Co.

This seminar invited 23 experts and scholars to give wonderful reports. The photos of the experts' speeches and the content of the report topics are briefly described below.

Huang Mingli, Director Engineer of 2012 Laboratory of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd: "The New Demand of Developing 5G Communication for Copper Clad Board and its Raw Materials

ZTE Corporation Technical Quality Engineer Li Jingke: "PCB Technology and Material Requirements for 5G System Products

Researcher-level Senior Engineer Yang Weisheng, 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation: "Research and Development of Microwave Substrate for ADAS Radar Sensor

Zhutong Zhu, Deputy Secretary General of CECC Copper Clad Materials Branch, Senior Engineer and Industry Senior Expert: "Discussion on High Speed Copper Clad Products and Technology Development

Professor Jianying Shi, a senior expert on copper-clad materials from CEC: "Analysis of the design and development of hydrocarbon copper-clad panels

Gao Guilan, Associate Professor, Director, Department of Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Second Institute of Technology: "Interpretation of the new points in the preparation of environmental protection standards related to the manufacture of copper-clad panels

D., Associate Researcher, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo Haiquan: "Overview of the Development of 5G High Frequency Flexible Printed Circuit Polyimide Substrates

Prof. Liu Jingang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Beijing): "Flame-retardant study of colorless transparent polyimide film for transparent FPCB

Meng Yundong, Development Engineer, Guangdong Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd: "Development and Application of a Polyphenylene Ether Modified Copper Clad Board with Low Dielectric Loss

Application of Modified Class BT Resin in Copper Cladding Board" by Junhua Su, Manager of Technical Department, Research Center, Nan Ya New Materials Co.

Senior Engineer, Technical Center, Suzhou SangYi Technology Co., Ltd. ShanKai Dai: "The effect of silicon dioxide on the flow characteristics of semi-cured sheet and the performance of copper laminate

National Engineering Technology Center for Electronic Circuit Substrates Engineer Ge Ying of Guangdong Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd: "Review of the development of testing technology for high frequency and high speed copper clad board dielectric properties project - Analysis of the current status of high frequency insertion loss testing technology for printed circuit boards

Xiong Gang, Graduate Student of Functional Materials Research Center, Department of Microelectronics, Xi'an Jiaotong University: "Research on Microwave Dielectric Properties Test System Based on Fabry-Perot Resonant Cavity

Zhejiang Huazheng New Material Co., Ltd. engineer Ying Xiongfeng: "An anti-solder crack low modulus aluminum substrate

Dr. Xu Qingyu, School of Materials and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan): "Molecular Structure Design and Controlled Preparation of High Frequency Low Dielectricity Main Chain Benzoxazine Resins

Preparation and Performance Study of Modified Acrylic Adhesives for FPC Substrates" by Dr. Chen Wenqiu, Deputy Manager of R&D Department, Electronic Materials Division, Huashuo Technology Co.

Park Longxing, General Manager of Suzhou Jufeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd: "Technology development of phosphorus-containing active ester curing agent and its application on high-frequency and high-speed copper-clad laminates

Dr. Liu Bin, Technical Center of Shandong Shengquan New Material Co., Ltd: "Synthesis of new arylalkyl polymaleimide resin and its application on sealing loading plate

Sichuan Dongcai Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. and National Insulation Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, Engineer Zhi Xiaoqiong: "Progress Report on the Research of Benzoxazine Resin

Zhang Lunqiang, Deputy Director of Engineering Technology Center of Shenzhen Liuxin Industrial Co., Ltd: "Research on Small Aperture Drilling Technology for Automotive Boards

Hu Linzheng, R&D Director of Suzhou Jingyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd: "Application and Research of New Fillers Driven by 5G Market

Zhang Jingwen, manager of Foshan Inspec Automation Engineering Co., Ltd: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine vision system industry application depth analysis

Manager Zhou Xinqi of Hangzhou Spectrum Technology Development Co., Ltd: "Application of NIR Analysis Technology in Copper Clad Board Industry


This seminar focuses on the hot spots of industrial development, with rich contents and wonderful reports, providing more topics for the participants to learn and think.

The co-organizers of this year's seminar are: Suzhou Jin Yi New Material Technology Co. Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), and Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA).

Ltd., Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd., Nordic Investment Co. Ltd., Wuxi Hepu Light Industry Equipment Technology Co. Ltd. We thank the above co-organizers and sponsors for their support and assistance to the 20th China Copper Clad Technology Symposium.



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