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"Brighten Up Micro Wishes" entered Guangyuan New Material



On May 25, Linzhou City Federation of Trade Unions "lit up the micro-wishes" activity into Guangyuan New Material, the site for the difficult workers' families to issue "wish goods" to meet the difficult workers' children's "micro-wishes".

On May 25, Linzhou City Federation of Trade Unions "Light Up Micro Wishes" activity entered Guangyuan New Material and issued "wish items" for families of workers in difficulty to meet the "micro wishes" of their children. "The activity was carried out by the city federation of trade unions.

At the activity site, Zhang Xiaoyun, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, encouraged the workers in difficulty to base on their posts and make efforts to contribute to the development and growth of the enterprise. The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will, as always, care for and help every worker and make them feel the warmth of the Party and the government. Li Haipeng, chairman of the labor union of the company, expressed his gratitude to the municipal federation for coming to Guangyuan to carry out the activity of "lighting up micro-wishes". In the next step, the company's labor union will continue to do a good job in helping the workers in difficulty, actively promote the action of "Colorful Model Workers" for rural revitalization, condense the heart with the warmth of the organization, gather strength with the transmitted love, promote the rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, and support the high-quality development of the city's economy and society with practical actions!


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