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Meet Guangyuan, Happiness: Guangyuan New Material 2022 Single Employees' Friendship Party was held romantically

Meet Guangyuan, Happiness: Guangyuan New Material 2022 Single Employees' Friendship Party was held romantically


On August 4, the seventh day of the lunar calendar, Guangyuan New Material's 2022 single workers' association was romantically held in the Staff Activity Center. More than 50 young workers from various departments gathered together to look for a good match.

At 9:00 a.m., Li Haipeng, chairman of the labor union of the company, delivered a speech, saying that young workers are the future of Guangyuan. The labor union took the lead in meticulously organizing this friendship activity and tried to build a platform to show personal style, expand the scope of friendship and expand the living space, hoping that everyone could find a love relationship while relaxing physically and mentally, so that they could devote themselves to their work without distractions and build




After that, the young workers introduced themselves in turn and formed six teams according to the color of their badges. The distinctive team names, such as Purple Definition, Little Yellow Duck and Red Alert, reflected the living habits and growth characteristics of contemporary youth. After the captains were elected and the players got familiar with each other, the interactive games were officially started by "drumming", "throwing the embroidery ball", "grabbing the seat", "guessing the The fun games such as "throwing the embroidery ball", "grabbing the seat" and "guessing the song name" were played one by one. In the lively atmosphere, the young men and women have a deeper understanding and understanding, and close the distance between each other. The atmosphere was warm and cordial, and there were laughter everywhere.

In the "Heart to Heart" session, men held roses in their hands and interacted with the women of their choice, sowing the seeds of friendship and reaping the fruits of happiness, looking forward to working together to burst out more passion and vitality in the future work and life.

Youth is hope and youth is the future. The company will continue to pay attention to the working life of young workers, stimulate the passion and vitality of all Guangyuan people by carrying out colorful amateur activities, and strive to achieve the common progress and improvement of working life and enterprise development!



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