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Party Committee of Guangyuan New Material participated in the activity of "Huanbian Party Building - Pioneer Lecture" in Anyang City



On October 27, the sixth session of "Huanbian Party Building - Pioneer Lecture Hall" in Anyang City started in the auditorium of Culture Museum of the city.

On Oct. 27, the sixth session of "Huanbian Party Building - Pioneer Lecture Hall" in Anyang City started in the studio of Culture Hall. Zhou Dotang, director of Anyang Municipal Party Committee Education Center, Lu Hongjie, standing committee member and organization minister of Linzhou Municipal Party Committee, and representatives of party members from various fronts attended the lecture. The Party Committee of the company participated in the activity and delivered the theme lecture.

After leading all party members to recite the oath of party membership, Linzhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Organization Minister Lu Hongjie said in his speech that since the opening of "Huanbian Party Building - Pioneer Hall", through a rich and vivid series of demonstration party classes, education guides all party members and cadres to remember the original mission, take charge of dedication and practical work, and create a good atmosphere in the city to We have created a good atmosphere of "learning from the typical around us and striving to be the pioneer of the times". We will take this lecture as an opportunity to deeply implement the Party's organizational line in the new era, lead the Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members and cadres in the city, not forgetting the original intention, sharpening the way forward, striving to speed up the construction of the world's humanistic landscape city, being the leader of provincial and municipal development, and making new efforts to build "a strong city" and achieve "eight leading" in Anyang City. We will make new and greater contributions to build "a strong city" and achieve "eight leading positions" in Anyang.

Subsequently, eight outstanding representatives of the city's outstanding communist party members and outstanding party workers took the stage one after another to tell their stories. The Party Committee of Guangyuan, entitled "Party Building Leads Development, Innovation Casts Brilliance", reported systematically on the five aspects of the company, including "Grasping Party Building, Promoting Worker Building, Leading Group Building and Associating Women Building", It also told the excellent performance of Guangyuan's party members and cadres who had firm beliefs, were loyal to the Party, took charge of the work and started their own business, which deeply touched all the audiences present.

It is reported that since the opening of "Huanhuan Party Building - Pioneer Lecture Hall" in Anyang City, giving full play to the pioneering, demonstration and guiding role of the city's outstanding communist party members, party workers and advanced models, through telling the story of the party, the story of revolutionary martyrs and the story of exemplary figures, guiding the majority of party members to benchmark the example around them, drawing spiritual strength from the "calcium" source around them, stimulating the endogenous motivation of keeping the original heart and carrying the mission, which has aroused warm reactions in the city and has been welcomed and praised by the majority of cadres and masses.



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