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CCLA Successfully Held the 2022 China Copper Clad Industry High Level Forum



On June 24, 2022, "2022 China Copper Clad Industry High Level Forum", hosted by China Electronics Materials Association (CCLA) and organized by Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co.

On June 24, 2022, the "2022 China Copper Clad Industry High Level Forum", hosted by China Electronics Materials Association Copper Clad Materials Branch (CCLA) and organized by Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co. "successfully held. Dongyang city leaders, copper clad and raw material manufacturing enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutes, social groups and relevant associations and other 130 units of more than 220 representatives attended the meeting. Because of the epidemic, this meeting was held in a combination of online and offline.



The theme of this year's forum is "Pioneering Innovation for Growth, Stabilization for Development". 2022, China's economic development is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and expected weakening. Under the impact of the epidemic of the century, the century-old changes have accelerated the evolution, and the external environment has become more complex, severe and uncertain. The word "stable" is the keynote of China's economic construction. In this environment, China's copper clad industry how to enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and steadily promote product transformation and upgrading; how to cope with the major changes in the structure of the copper clad market, to meet the new market demand; how to enhance the resilience of the supply chain; how to sustain healthy development in the new situation has become a new issue of the copper clad industry. In this situation, CCLA organized the current high-level forum. In this session, famous experts and entrepreneurs from China's copper clad industry, as well as upstream raw materials, downstream PCB and production equipment industries were invited to start in-depth communication and discussion around these topics.

 Zhang Dong, vice chairman of the CEC Association and chairman of the Copper Clad Materials Branch, gave the opening speech for the conference and chaired the meeting, saying: "In 2022, geo-conflict plus gathering, repeated new crown epidemic, poor logistics and transportation, demand contraction and other over-expected uncertainties overlapped, resulting in a reduction in business orders, bringing impact to business operations and continuous growth of the industry. Industry chain enterprises should scientifically judge the situation, strengthen management, grasp the shortcomings and shortcomings in enterprise management, grasp the characteristics of the cycle of industry development and trends, firm confidence, overcome difficulties and act with determination, maintain the core competitive advantage of enterprises, enhance supply chain resilience, and achieve high-quality, sustainable development." He also called for the production equipment and copper foil, glass cloth, resin, filler and other raw materials in the copper-clad sheet industry to achieve localization, and hopes that colleagues present in the industry chain upstream and downstream together to seize new opportunities, joint efforts, common perseverance, common progress, so that our copper-clad sheet industry chain is perfect, complete and solid, and no longer subject to the constraints of others!

Li Jincai, Vice Mayor of Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, delivered a welcome speech

Shao Qinxiang, Chairman and President of Garden Group, delivered a speech for the conference


The conference invited famous experts and entrepreneurs from China's copper clad industry chain to give a wonderful report on the current market and technical hot topics of the industry chain.

 Mr. Liu Shufeng, the former Chairman of CECC Copper Clad Materials Branch and the current Senior Advisor of CECC Materials Branch, and the Chairman of Guangdong Shengyi Technology Co.


Zhu Datong, deputy secretary-general of CECC Copper Clad Materials Branch, gave an online report on "Discussion of several hot issues in the current supply and demand of copper foil for electronic circuits


Senior advisor of the CEC Copper Clad Materials Branch and Secretary General of Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association, Mr. Xin Guosheng, made a report on "PCB Industry Development Overview and Future Outlook in 2021

Liu Jiabin, Deputy Director of Zhejiang University-Garden New Energy Joint R&D Center, made a presentation on "Opportunities, Challenges and Future of Thick Copper Foil

Leng Daguang, Deputy Secretary General of CECA and Secretary General of Electronic Copper Foil Materials Branch, made a report on "The Operation Status and Future Prospects of China's Electronic Copper Foil Industry in 2021".

Liu Xiaolin, deputy mayor of Shangyu County, Jiangxi Province, made a brief report on investment, business environment and investment promotion of glass fiber industry in Shangyu County

Tao Yinglong, Deputy General Manager of Henan Guangyuan New Material Co., Ltd. made a report on "The Development Status and Trends of Electronic Grade Glass Fiber Cloth for 5G".

 Pan Jianfeng, Chairman and General Manager of Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co., Ltd. made a report on "How copper foil companies can help the development of the laminate industry in the new era

Dong Bangqi, Executive Deputy Secretary General of CECC Clad Materials Branch, was entrusted by Secretary General Lei Zhengming to make a report on "Analysis of China's Clad Industry Survey in 2021

    presented "Opportunities and challenges for the laminate industry in the evolution of IC and ICT interconnection architecture".


Jianying Shi, senior advisor of CEC's Copper Clad Materials Branch, made a report on "The Main Problems Facing Copper Clad Panels and Countermeasures

After the meeting, the high-level forum organizer - Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co., Ltd. invited participants to visit Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co.

This year's conference is supported by Dongyang Municipal Government and Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co!

The sponsors of this year's conference include: Nanya New Material Technology Co. Ltd., Huashuo Electronic Materials (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shengyi Technology Co, Ltd., Nantong Kaidi Automatic Machinery Co., Suzhou Jufeng New Material Technology Co. Ltd., Jiangxi HangYu New Material Co., SGS Standard Technical Services Co. We express our heartfelt thanks to the above sponsors!


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