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Economic Daily: The new materials industry is moving toward a qualitative leap



Materials are the cornerstone of human civilization, and the discovery, research and development and application promotion of new materials lead to social progress, technological revolution and industrial change. Since the 18th Party Congress, the new materials industry is moving from the accumulation of quantity to a qualitative leap, from the point of breakthrough to the improvement of system capabilities. A generation of new materials casting a generation of new equipment, a powerful generation of industry.

Material are the cornerstone of human civilization, and the discovery, research and development and application promotion of new Material lead to social progress, technological revolution and industrial change. Since the 18th Party Congress, the new Material industry is moving from the accumulation of quantity to a qualitative leap, from the point of breakthrough to the improvement of system capabilities. A generation of new Material casting a generation of new equipment, a powerful generation of industry.

New Material are newly developed or being developed, structural Material with excellent performance and functional Material with special properties. New Material industry involves advanced glass Material, advanced ceramic Material, fibers and composite Material, new building Material and other important professional fields, covering tens of thousands of specific products, is China's new generation of electronic information technology, aerospace, rail transportation, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and other areas of the key basic raw Material, supporting the development of China's strategic emerging industries.

Application scope continues to expand

New Material industry is the foundation of a strong manufacturing country, is the cornerstone of the development of high-tech industries and the precursor. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of new Material industry, the establishment of a national leading group for the development of new Material industry. Relevant national departments and local governments at all levels have made concerted efforts to introduce a series of policies to support the development of new Material industry.

In 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that insisting on the self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology as the strategic support for national development, based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, facing the world's scientific and technological frontier, facing the main battlefield of the economy, facing the major national needs, facing the people's life and health, and deeply implementing the strategy of science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development. Grasp the general trend, seize the opportunity, face the problems, meet the difficulties, improve the national innovation system, accelerate the construction of a strong science and technology, and achieve a high level of scientific and technological self-sufficiency and self-improvement, which provides important guidelines for the main direction of the new Material industry and puts forward higher requirements.

In recent years, the role of new Material in various fields has been deepening. In the field of composite Material, the application of new Material has been gradually expanded from aerospace and other industries to civil industry, and widely used in sports and leisure, automotive, transportation and other fields; in the field of construction Material, the wide application of new Material is an important grip to support China's leap from a large building Material country to a strong building Material country.

Yan Xiaofeng, secretary of the party committee and president of China Building Material Federation, said that in order to actively implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decision to promote the development of new Material industry, the Federation has carried out a series of promotion work over the years, and has organized the preparation and release of "China Building Material Industry Emerging Industry Development Outline" to the whole society, "three batches of building Material emerging industry The Federation has organized and released to the whole society the "Outline for the Development of New Industries in China's Building Material Industry", "Three Batches of New Industries in Building Material", "Hundred Key Projects Implementation Plan" and other guiding documents related to new Material. In the past two years, it is in the modernization of the industry chain of new building Material, supply chain security, innovation chain high-end and other aspects of many innovative work.

"Through the joint efforts of many parties, the development of new Material industry has seen a profound, significant and welcome transformation, which has strongly supported the green, low-carbon and safe high-quality development of China's building Material industry and related upstream and downstream industries." Yan Xiaofeng said.

Steady enhancement of innovation capacity

New Material industry is a strategic, basic industry, but also a key area of high-tech competition, we must rise to catch up and catch up. In the field of building Material, which is the most widely used new material, the output value of new material industry has increased from 14% in 2014 to nearly 20% in 2020, and has cultivated many industries with tens of billions of output value, such as carbon fiber, wind power blades, auto lightweight composite Material, electronic display glass, graphene, etc., and industries with billions of output value, such as extra-high voltage ceramic insulators, sapphire substrates, scintillation crystals, aerogel, etc. .

Not only that, traditional construction Material have been improved to significantly improve performance or produce new functions. China's float glass has achieved leapfrog development from the traditional construction glass field to the field of information display, breakthroughs in automotive glass, ultra-thin information display glass, high-strength lithium aluminum silicon glass and other special glass key preparation technologies and industrial production; independent development of special quartz glass, infrared glass used in the Tiangong, the moon, Beidou and many other major national projects; China's top three glass fiber enterprises occupy the world's glass fiber The top three glass fiber enterprises in China occupy more than 50% of the world's glass fiber production, and new Material such as high-strength glass fiber, high-mode glass fiber, electronic-grade glass fiber, low dielectric glass fiber and high-silicon oxygen glass fiber have been industrialized.

"The development direction of composite material application is to realize the application of light weight, low cost and green environmental protection." Meng Yijie, secretary-general of China Composites Industry Association, said that in the automotive field, carbon fiber and other high-performance composite Material are replacing traditional Material, and the proportion of composite material applications in the development of new Material for automotive load-bearing structural parts has been increasing. New energy vehicles by applying carbon fiber composites greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle body, together with batteries, hydrogen storage and other new technologies to help new energy vehicles to improve the range.

With the increasingly reasonable spatial layout, the agglomeration effect of new Material industry has been enhanced. Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other areas of new Material comprehensive industrial cluster advantage, a number of distinctive new Material industry base in the central and western regions is also taking shape.

Over the years, the new Material industry adhere to the enterprise as the main body, all walks of life together, cooperate with each other, from the institutional mechanism and distribution methods and other aspects to play a synergistic effect, guide all kinds of innovation factors to gather, accelerate the construction of the main body of enterprises, market-oriented, "government, industry, academia, research and gold taking" combination of technological innovation system. New Material key laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, enterprise technology centers and research institutes to significantly improve the strength.

"At the same time, we also need to soberly recognize that the new Material industry started late, the base is thin, in the original innovation to make new breakthroughs, key core technologies to achieve independent and controllable, innovation chain industry chain supply chain depth of integration and security and other aspects still need to be further enhanced." Yan Xiaofeng believes that we need to strengthen policy guidance, solve the core technology and special equipment bottlenecks, enhance the originality, cultivate "specialized and special new" enterprises, and strengthen the construction of talent to promote the leapfrog development of new Material industry.

The rapid growth of domestic Material

In recent years, China's key new Material product security capacity has been significantly improved. Ltd. broke through the industrialization technology of T800 carbon fiber at the level of 1,000 tons, and the production base of carbon fiber at the level of 10,000 tons was put into operation in Xining, Qinghai, marking a "key leap" in the field of high-end carbon fiber in China; Kaisheng Technology Group Co. Ltd. built the first industrialized production line of lithium-aluminum-silicon glass in China, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign countries in the field of high-quality electronic display glass. ...... More and more domestic new material products have filled the gaps and been applied on a large scale in related fields.

In the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, new material enterprises actively carry out scientific and technological anti-epidemic. Ltd. broke through the key technology of industrialization of neutral borosilicate 5.0 vaccine bottles and donated 200,000 vaccine bottles to support the R&D and production of vaccines in China; relying on the key laboratory of special glass preparation and processing in building Material industry, China General Research Institute of Building Material provided more than 13,000 pieces of sulphur infrared glass and infrared lenses developed in an emergency; Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute developed glass fiber filter paper, biochemical The glass fiber filter paper and biochemical fiber bundles developed by Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute provided important material guarantee for epidemic prevention and control and nucleic acid detection; the "Luban universal board" products and the core technology of "whole house assembly system" produced by Beixin Group Building Material Co.

China's independent research and development of new Material to solve a number of key technical problems, and effective service to the construction of major national projects. Harbin FRP Research Institute developed composite main structural components successfully applied to China's first space station days and core module propulsion subsystem, power supply system; Shanghai Institute of Silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences independently developed large-size silicon carbide ceramic-based composite Material successfully applied to a number of satellites, in the field of space remote sensing satellites to achieve breakthroughs and independent security; Chengdu CNBM Optoelectronic Material Co. Ltd. developed cadmium telluride glass successfully applied to the Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating pavilion and other major projects; China General Research Institute of Building Material developed low-heat cement successfully applied to the world's thinnest 300-meter-class extra-high arch dam in Wudongde Hydropower Station; Beijing Oriental Rainbows waterproofing technology Co., Ltd. produced high-performance TPO waterproofing membrane successfully applied to the Daxing International Airport, the Beijing Winter Olympics construction projects.

In the face of high-quality development requirements, China's new Material industry will certainly take greater responsibility in safeguarding the security and stability of the supply chain of the industry chain, independent and controllable. The new Material industry should firmly grasp the historical opportunity to make an important contribution to the continued and in-depth implementation of China's innovation-driven development strategy.

Source: Economic Daily

Reporter: Zhu Junbi



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